Step into the world of Joanna Laura Constantine Fashion Jewelry
Joanna Laura Constantine Fashion Jewelry collections are as diverse as the modern woman. Bold, edgy and stunning, her work covers a wide range of styles. From the feminine Baroque Collection, to the Native American-inspired Americana Collection to the beautifully sensual Fire Starter line, every piece designed engages and inspires.

Plated in gold and rhodium, the pieces are encrusted with Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and Swarovski pearls to form stunning pieces. Constantine chooses and perfects each design, down to the smallest detail. Each piece is unique and is a mix of materials and colors that bring through pure, clear emotions, whether they are statement pieces or delicate, refined ones. Each collection features a wide range of designs from necklaces, earrings, asymmetrical pieces, which the brand is famed for, handcuffs, ear cuffs, rings, double rings, triple rings and more.